Terms and Conditions

  1. Welcome to Nativo, this is an exclusive place for our guests. It is not allowed to enter the property of people who are not registered in the hotel. In the case of receiving visits, you must notify reception and ask for reservation due to COVID capacity measures. We only accept reservations with guests over 14 years old.
  2. Our reservations are non-refundable. For reasons of force majeure (Health, natural disasters, mobility restrictions, etc.) it is necessary that you contact the hotel for a rescheduling of the date, it is necessary that you present the proper documentation that supports the inconvenient.
  3. We do not accept pets.
  4. The use of the rooms, pool, common areas, internet and other hotel services is only for our guests.
  5. Check-in is at 15:00 hrs and Check-Out is at 12:00 hrs due to COVID-19 situation there are no exceptions.
  6. If the client suffers from a chronic / infectious disease or is in a delicate state of health, he / she must notify the hotel for transfer to the nearest specialized center, the guest will be responsible for all transportation and medical expenses.
  7. The use of towels outside the property or on the beach is not allowed. If you need a towel for the beach you can rent one at reception for $2 per day.
  8. It is necessary that you check the inventory of the room, if something is missing due to loss or damage, it will be charged to the customer’s account, as well as any damage to the property. In the case of lost keys you will have a charge of $ 50 for the change of the lock and repair service.
  9. We are not responsible for accidents caused inside or outside the property, as well as animal bites or robberies within the property, the guest has the duty to keep their objects away from the sight of other people.
  10. Breakfast is served from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Coiba tours coordinated by us contemplate time for breakfast and the transfer to the starting point.
  11. It is forbidden to use the sinks to wash clothes, or put sand inside the drain system. It is also not allowed to hang clothes in any area other than the hangers destined for this in each room. If you need to wash clothes you can ask at the hotel for the washing and drying service or you can take it to the laundry in the center of town.
  12. The guest is committed to making fair use of electrical appliances, it is forbidden to operate the air conditioners with the windows and doors open or leave them on while the guest is not in the room.
  13. Hotel staff can access any of the rooms if needed for routine inspections, repairs or cleaning.
  14. Any physical or verbal abuse of our crew or other guests will result in an immediate eviction.
  15. The guests have the duty to classify the garbage in the trash containers in the kitchen below as Organic (Everything that is eaten) and Inorganic (Plastic, cans, tetra pack containers properly washed and removed any leftover food).
  16. Smoking is prohibited in the hotel rooms, this can generate a penalty of $150 for the deodorization of the room and an extra night for cleaning it.
  17. It is prohibited by Panamanian law to smoke in public spaces, you can smoke in some remote space and without disturbing any other guest.
  18. We live in a Tropical Forest, while you keep the doors and windows of your room open all the insects, mosquitoes, spiders, rodents, cockroaches, etc. that are around will have access to it. We recommend keeping them closed.
  19. Every room has their own area / terrace and their own clothes hangers please use only this assigned space, you can’t occupy others guest space.
  20. Remember to make the entrance to the room available between 10:00 hrs and 12hrs for daily cleaning, if you do not request the service we will understand that you do not want to be disturbed. Due to COVID Measures Guests must leave the room while cleaning.
  21. The rental of Kayaks and Bicycles is possible. The guest agrees to make good use of them and is responsible for any damage or loss that occurred to them.
  22. SWIMMING POOL: The use of the pool is for the exclusive use of our guests, any activity that endangers the safety of
    the guests (running, jumping, pushing, sitting, leaving or entering the pool by areas other than the stairs) is prohibited, as well as the consumption of any drink or smoking inside the pool area.
    It is required to shower before entering the pool and remove sand.
    The use of the pool is available from 8:00 to 22:00. Chemicals may be added after 22:00.
    It is a requirement to use the swimsuit.
  23. Any breach of the rules will have surcharges of the amount of the damage determined by the hotel or/and the eviction of the property.